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11 Sep

So that is my iGoogle page! You can’t see it but there is a news feed, wikipedia and youtube, horoscopes and a whole bunch of other stuff haha


Tech Task Numba 2! Creative title? I think so.

11 Sep

Currently listening to So What – Pink  (Yes I will inform you of what I am listening to because what I am thinking is probably being influenced slightly by that song!) … sooo what I’m still a rockstar! thats right!

Technology! What is that? haha its so much! I’m not going to lie, im a total tech geek! I taught myself how to use the computer at a young age, so I have always been interested with anything in that sense! I enjoy figuring out programs, and all that! So with that, I have always really been ahead, or more advanced with the technology at school.  Actually, we hardly used technology at school, besides the powerpoints to do presentations instead of old school poster boards.  I took a computer programming class and thats about it… not the most interesting class of my life I’m not going to lie.  Apparently now my old school has good computers and things to use, of course just a year late. 

Whatever You Like – T.I.

I think that with the more technology in younger grades it is expanding youths range of abilities and at the same time restricting them.  Math without a calculator? WHO KNEW! haha the age old response of teachers who are a hundred years old reminiscing about the good old days when there weren’t calculators and they had to walk to school uphilll… both ways! But really, I think that technology is getting really advanced and the things people can do are just amazing! And then i also think of a short story i read in, grade ten english, i think.  I believe it was by Isaac Asimov, but i’m not sure! I will look it up later, but anyways its set in the future where our world has become so advanced, our general knowledge is useless, and simple inventions  and ideas that we use today and are common knowledge, are considered too difficult to comprehend!  Technology is important, I just think that we have to remind ourselves of the hard way to do things, to really understand what we are doing. SUCCESS! The Feeling Of Power by Isaac Asimov ! Imagine, a story sticking with me from over the years, clearly made an impact on my view of technology! Its about simply doing math! haha  

Face Down– The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The dangers of the internet! haha its all been done, and luckily it is taught in school, something that wasn’t probably five years ago!  With things like facebook its very easy for people to learn things about you, and I’m all about facebook!

Dreaming With A Broken Heart– – John Mayer

Everything is on youtube! I watched the movie Untraceable which is all about internet crimes, but it of course goes to an extreme, but it portrays how lightly violence is taken in this day and age.  Especially on the internet, and youtube of course, it is easy for anyone to upload a picture of fights and death sentances and all of those things… things you might not ever experience if you were not exposed to the interent!  Gaming, with all the war games, makes it fun for you to kill people.  People, especially young people, are very desensitized to death, war and killing.  The movie Untraceable really shows how people find those topics entertaining.’


Yet… technology opens students to positive experiences they may never be able to have first hand.  See things they could never see, explore things they wouldn’t be able to imagine.  It creates a world for students to broaden their horizon in ways a text book, or novel never could.  But does that mean that they have lost all sense of creativity?

All We Are– – One Republic

Cell Phones.  I couldn’t live without mine. Good or bad? The big controversy is that cell phones limit social skills.  I completely disagree.  I mean, social skills are very different from the past, but when there wasn’t cell phones and texting, could you message someone who lives across the world? and get in touch with friends who happen to not live by you? Cell phones make it easy to make plans, and get in touch with people wherever they are, not just if they are at their house.  If it gets to the point that you are talking to someone through texting, and texting only, when they are sitting right across from you, though, we have a problem.

Just Dance– Lady GaGa

From This class I hope to find ways to bring technology into classrooms in a successfull way! I want to be able to give students every opportunity to learn without limiting them.  I really didn’t think i could blog, and now i write a million words haha! i guess thats all for now!


Oh hey!

4 Sep

So i guess this is my blog, haha cool? Who knows! I have never had a blog before so this should be interesting, but i guess i like to talk so it shouldn’t be too difficult!

So where should I start… well it all started one day back in 1990… just kidding… If I wanted to give you my life story I would just write an autobiography and at least make some money haha! But!!!! seeing how I really have nothing to say I will just end this and blog something when I can think of it!

Peace out