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30 Oct

This kid is sooo adorable! videos come up on my homepage and this was one of them and i loved it so much i had to put it on here for everyone to see! This kid is like four years old! He amazes me


Check check check, check it out!

29 Oct

Ok so it has taken me a while but I have started blogging in the classes I am supposed to be mentoring! The one class only has five students, and I am REALLY excited about this class! For one thing, they have all been blogging about math, and that is what I am going to major in! For another it is the grade I think I want to teach! Because the class is so small I will be able to read all their posts and should really get to know some things about these students! So far I have read a handful of each of the students blogs and am excited to continue! Also the teacher seems really nice so I am just all round glad about getting this class!

I havent figured out the other class yet, how to blog with them etc. but when I do i will definitely write a post about their class too!


29 Oct

I could blog about books for days… i love reading! I hav like forty books in my room to read right now. I swear i go to chapters like once a week, and i go on Chapters everyday! haha i know, seems crazy but i do! Websites like Amazon are great for finding books that are similar to books you like! So today while browsing books on amazon i decided to check out the Kindle!

The Kindle is an expensive little number that is the ipod of books. I dont really know what to think of it, because i love books… the feel, the cover, the smell, the everything! The Kindle is a wireless reading device. You can buy books to store in them and read, and the screen is supposively just like paper! This really could be awesome… all books would pretty much be the same price, and you can get them instantly to your own personal virtual library! I think if I had a kindle I would love it like most people love their ipods (ahem im one of those people)!

But there could be some bad things that go along with this… for one, what if what happened to music happens to books. What happens when people start hacking books and can download them to their kindle without buying them. I feel for artists who make their money on music, but not even close to as much as authors! All authors have is their books pretty much, unless they make a movie… artists can have concerts and merchandise and advertising… what do authors have? The thirty dollar hardcover that goes on the shelf in stores everywhere! Unlike artists, by people previewing an authors work, like reading an entire novel, they are getting the publicity out but that could be as far as it goes! Some authors only ever have maybe one novel, and if it has been read, the chances of someone buying that to reread it, or because they loved it are small… wheras with an artist they could hear one song then want to go buy the entire album.

The kindle and the store for buying books seems like something i would do all day! you can read the first couple of chapters of any book, which would keep me interesting forever! You can also subscribe to magazines and newspapers, i think, which would be really cool too! You can subscribe to blogs too!

I dont really know much about the kindle, but the fact that i really want to try one makes me want to learn as much about it as i can!!! Does anyone know anything? because i would LOVE to hear feedback!

wow lots of people blog!

29 Oct

So i added a whole bunch of blogs to my google reader, mostly teacher related things because I wanted to get a feel of how teachers are using these tools in the classroom. One blog i added was a person who actually came and did a lecture in my EPS class, Alex Couros

He did a really good job at presenting to our class so i went and read some of his blog posts and came across a blog post that really caught my attention: Self Child-Pornography This was a blog refering to an article about a young girl who sent pictures of herself nude to her classmatess. The consequences of this act are very critical! She could be registered as a sex offender for twenty years!

What i dont understand is why a girl, or any person, would want to put pictures of themself on the internet. It is such a desperate cry for attention, it is sad! Also, it seems like the punishment is almost unfit, because she is getting charged as a sex offender. Of course she was the one who was distributing the child pornogrophy, but it seems contradictory to charge someone underage with a charge that is used to protect people underage. If it is her that is putting the pictures out, it is her offending herself, but she has made that choice… but is still adding to the mass amounts of child pornogrophy in the world! I have mixed feelings because it seems contradictory yet needs to be punishable, but maybe that way needs to be modified. I mean, if a underage girl sends her underage boyfriend a picture of herself in compromising situations, is that something that would be charged for sex offender? If so… there would be many many more charges… Or did this girl who got charged get the punishment she did because she sent it to so many people.

What if a girl sent that picture to one person then that picture got leaked throughout the community… would she be the one charged?

I know that there was a girl in my community that used to send pictures like that to pretty much everyone… and she was like in grade eight… it was terrible. Should she have been charged? Maybe if she would have, she wouldnt have turned out the way she did, and would have been more careful about the image she set herself up to have.

Not only was i interested in the topic, but i saw different ways of blogging! It was thought provoking and engaged readers to form their own opinions on the subject! As a teacher I want to be able to do that with my students everyday.

tech task 12… well the first tech task 12…

28 Oct

Colours of Me

I dont really want to say anything about this, I would rather have people looking at it and form their own thoughts and conclusions rather than read why I made this picture the way I did. If you cant read the writing in the borders, im sorry haha it didnt save very well… i just used paint because my adobe photoshop wasnt loaded on my laptop just my computer at home. if you cant read it just post and i will put them up. I used my new like favorite site ever to find the pictures… flickr . The pictures were meant to be read starting in the top left hand corner then go counter clockwise!

top: Take a chance on people… step into the shoes of another… colour with all the crayons in your box… and give everyone a taste of what you got.

right: somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

bottom: rainbows are a wonder of nature… a gift after the storm… our world is full of rainbows… we just need to take time to accept and appreciate them.

left: In order to have friendship you must look past the colour to the soul because within the soul lies a rainbow of many colours.

Mastercard Commercial

23 Oct

I originally wanted to do this right… video’s, voice over, music, i wanted to do it all! Then i realized that my ambition is a lot higher than the amount of free time I ever have, so here is the mastercard commercial I made movie maker style!
I got all of my pictures from Flickr Creative Commons which is like my new favorite site, it shows the amazing pictures people have!

Meeting New People

23 Oct

So I have come to realize that at university you meet a lot of people… no I am not stupid I already knew that, but what i didn’t realize was how much you start to rely on those people! In every single class i have gotten the phone number or email of someone, not just to like make friends and talk, but to help with school! In high school i was so used to having time to work on projects during class, or assignments, with my friends and partners without always having to meet outside of school. Here all of my classes are just one long lecture, and any homework I have i have to contact friends after class! Not even kidding every week i am on msn with alanna figuring out my math homework! This week i had to text my bio partners about my labs, and will have to email them a lot to finish our group project!
I have never used my school email account until this year. Every single year I have had one I had maybe five emails all together, and I have used mine hundreds of times more than that this year in just a couple months! I can email my profs, classmates, and it is the email I have used for ECMP 355.
I have not been much of a group learner, so working with other students has been different for me this year, and even more so different because I do it mainly through texts and email!