1 Oct

Ok so i happened to choose a tool on the wiki list that doesn’t apply to Canada. Which really sucks because it is an amazing tool! I used it years ago before it didn’t work in Canada, and am still haunted by the mass emails sent out by the website. So i am going to pretend like we can still use it because it is one of my favorite online tools ever!
Pandora is an internet radio. You can create many different types of stations, and have many different stations saved at one time. Some stations could be a rotation of your favorite artist, or albums. You can create stations that rotate music of your favorite genre. Some stations can be created to play songs that are similar to a favorite song. Stations can be customized to only play songs that have similar qualities, and you could pick those qualities… for instance if you picked the song “just dance” by Lady Gaga you would find many attributes cateloged to the song. One of which is heavy use of vocal harmonies, and then pandora would continue to find songs with that similar attribute. The attributes cateloged to the song is part of pandora’s Music Genome Project.
Even without the stations you can go on there and search music, and it will tell you similar songs and artists to those you are searching.
I find this tool really useful for those who love music. It is a great way to expand your music library and learn about songs and artists you would never have listened to without recomendation, and pandora gives you that recomendation! Not only is this tool good for the listener, but it is also very helpful in getting exposure for artists! unknown artists with really great work can get great exposure because they have similar attributes to popular artists, and that catches the attention of listeners!
I love finding new music and listening to just about everything, so pandora got me listening to many different artists that I made all my friends listen to!


One Response to “Pandora.”

  1. Dean Shareski October 2, 2008 at 5:32 am #

    Try it’s almost as good as Pandora.

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