So i have this obsession…

2 Oct

One word… Facebook. It is soo bad! I check it a million times a day, and add lots of people each day, and make a million comments… and I have began to notice that I do this a lot more than anything really productive! Like homework! Or studying more! Lately I have been thinking about how out of control facebook is! Employers are starting to look up their applicants, you can get kicked out of Universities for things on it, get charged for crimes! It is crazy! Invitations are totally out of date… facebook groups inviting people to their wedding is where it is at now! It is ridiculous!

Today i got an invitation to an event for a party yesterday. I could not believe it! haha it reminded me about how lots of people i know make facebook groups for their parties, which is really stupid! In moose jaw its easy enough for a house party to get out of hand enough to be shut down by the police well within the hour, or have things broken and stolen! Having it on facebook just magnifies the disaster waiting to happen! I have around 500 friends on facebook… and if even half of those people found out about a party through my account on an event there could be problems, but the networking is huge! 50 people from one friend and even just 10 from each of those… the math is something scary!
So adding to that, how dangerous is facebook! Besides having massive uncontrolable parties! “Facebook Creeping” is a term that is pretty common around people my age (well especially my age), and is just what the name says! I do it all the time, i find every person i have like ever met and add them on facebook, so i had to creep at some point to find them! haha If i get a text from a number i dont know i check out the numbers on facebook! Its disturbing how much a random stranger could find out about you through facebook!
So like any addiction, i will not be able to give up my facebook, even though it seems like its getting way out of hand! sooo i guess thats everything, im just gonna go check my facebook then header:P haha byye<3


5 Responses to “So i have this obsession…”

  1. joschmidt October 2, 2008 at 1:38 am #

    Wow isn’t that so true though! The facebook creeping is definitely used ALOT where i am from! I check mine a million times a day too! Its so easy to stay in contact with people and leaving invites to parites and stuff can lead to an out of hand house party that is for SURE!

  2. samanthadouglas October 2, 2008 at 1:42 am #

    haha yess! everyone i know creeps its a special talent i have mastered! haha yaa parties out of hand! and like the one i got invited to on friday is an outdoor party, and i can already see that cops kids got invited, soooo when they invite all of moose jaw they invite the cops too! soo its going to get shut down so fast:(

  3. danarogo October 9, 2008 at 2:05 am #

    Hey yess Facebook. The horrors! I actually had a friend find out her bf dumped her due to the fact that he had changed his profile to single. before letting her know. Facebook also can take over peoples lives.. lots of people I know facebook all the time. It does suck time out of your life.

    But like everything there is a balance. Sometimes it is nice to be able to check up on people you haven’t seen in along time and see what is new with them. I also like it because I lost my cell phone and I was still able to be connected with friends.

    A pet peeve for me is when people add me just to have more friends… it is just weird. Sometimes people have added me that wont’ even say hi to me in the halls! Is it some popularity contest. I’m not sure. BUT i’m not down with that.

    ahh facebook. the truth is I think it is here to stay 😀 great blog really interesting

  4. samanthadouglas October 10, 2008 at 3:43 am #

    facebook does get pretty extreme sometimes! haha its kinda pathetic but i still love it! i usually just add someone if i know them in anyway haha, but like especially with our class i wanted to add everyone because i dont know who anyones is! because we are never in class together! so we read eachothers blogs, and learn things about everyone, and have conversations on wednesdays, but i had no face to put beside any names sooo thank you facebook! i dont feel like such an ass anymore!

  5. megamega October 23, 2008 at 8:08 am #

    How I get 100s of NEW MYSPACE friends a day

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