9 Oct

Lately i find myself, in every single class, drawing on something. The back of every notebook i have has some kind of random drawing with rainbows and shooting stars and a planet thrown in there… maybe a music bar and some notes…. just a whole lot of nothing! In bio… ahem… you could probably check out some of drawings.. ahem… because you totally can tell where i have sat in that class… haha i just draw when i’m bored! I dont care what i draw, i just keep going. I love pencil drawings, because i love shading! I put some drawings from my art classes through highschool up on the good old blog haha lately i have found that ink, and like pen, can also be fun to draw with! I dont have motivation to actually draw a sketchbook though haha, i would need someone to say : oh hey sam i bet you could draw a really good ______, just to motivate and give me an idea to sketch… otherwise i will stick to my sunflowers and doodles during school! haha i have also found that i miss painting! i hated painting, for some reason, in highschool but now i just randomly decide i want to paint haha or explore other mediums! during the summer i was working around with pencil crayons and that was kinda fun!

looking back at art class in highschool i disagreed with a lot with how the teacher taught the class, and it makes me wonder if i could do better! sounds arrogant, but i think i really want to be an art teacher… not full time or anything, but just teach an art class!


3 Responses to “dooooodle”

  1. alannapollock October 9, 2008 at 7:33 pm #

    I have to say that I have seen your drawing in your EPS notebook and it was pretty cool lol…I’m not much of an art person myself, I couldn’t draw something to save my life. But i think that you would make a great art teacher!:) You have the spunk and are very creative.

  2. samanthadouglas October 9, 2008 at 9:44 pm #

    haha thanks! you should see the one i made last eps class! haha i will show you next eps class! Where were you by the way, i was looking for you! me and logan are still doing the “not sit in the same place twice” thing… it makes class just a bit more interesting! haha

  3. Jeremy Davis (twit: teachtech) October 10, 2008 at 5:15 pm #

    Try out the graffiti addon for firefox, you can draw all over any website you would like. Also, if you want to take your skills into a different realm, sketchup (free from google) allows pretty amazing 3D rendering, which can then be plopped onto Google Earth. Draw your house, your car, etc., then plop it right onto your lat/long location on Earth.

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