Meeting New People

23 Oct

So I have come to realize that at university you meet a lot of people… no I am not stupid I already knew that, but what i didn’t realize was how much you start to rely on those people! In every single class i have gotten the phone number or email of someone, not just to like make friends and talk, but to help with school! In high school i was so used to having time to work on projects during class, or assignments, with my friends and partners without always having to meet outside of school. Here all of my classes are just one long lecture, and any homework I have i have to contact friends after class! Not even kidding every week i am on msn with alanna figuring out my math homework! This week i had to text my bio partners about my labs, and will have to email them a lot to finish our group project!
I have never used my school email account until this year. Every single year I have had one I had maybe five emails all together, and I have used mine hundreds of times more than that this year in just a couple months! I can email my profs, classmates, and it is the email I have used for ECMP 355.
I have not been much of a group learner, so working with other students has been different for me this year, and even more so different because I do it mainly through texts and email!


One Response to “Meeting New People”

  1. alannapollock October 23, 2008 at 3:23 am #

    I think you have made a lot of great points Samantha. When I was in high school I always did the work on my own and it was always other people coming to me for help, but now I am finding myself going to other people for help more than people are coming to me. I think it is important to find contacts in all of your classes. I mean we are all in University for the same reasons…we want to pass and make our dreams come true right, and if we need a little help along the way than there’s no problem in that. We are all going to seek help and we are all going to be asked for help, so we all have to realize that helping each other isn’t a waste of time, but a fulfilling action.

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