29 Oct

I could blog about books for days… i love reading! I hav like forty books in my room to read right now. I swear i go to chapters like once a week, and i go on Chapters everyday! haha i know, seems crazy but i do! Websites like Amazon are great for finding books that are similar to books you like! So today while browsing books on amazon i decided to check out the Kindle!

The Kindle is an expensive little number that is the ipod of books. I dont really know what to think of it, because i love books… the feel, the cover, the smell, the everything! The Kindle is a wireless reading device. You can buy books to store in them and read, and the screen is supposively just like paper! This really could be awesome… all books would pretty much be the same price, and you can get them instantly to your own personal virtual library! I think if I had a kindle I would love it like most people love their ipods (ahem im one of those people)!

But there could be some bad things that go along with this… for one, what if what happened to music happens to books. What happens when people start hacking books and can download them to their kindle without buying them. I feel for artists who make their money on music, but not even close to as much as authors! All authors have is their books pretty much, unless they make a movie… artists can have concerts and merchandise and advertising… what do authors have? The thirty dollar hardcover that goes on the shelf in stores everywhere! Unlike artists, by people previewing an authors work, like reading an entire novel, they are getting the publicity out but that could be as far as it goes! Some authors only ever have maybe one novel, and if it has been read, the chances of someone buying that to reread it, or because they loved it are small… wheras with an artist they could hear one song then want to go buy the entire album.

The kindle and the store for buying books seems like something i would do all day! you can read the first couple of chapters of any book, which would keep me interesting forever! You can also subscribe to magazines and newspapers, i think, which would be really cool too! You can subscribe to blogs too!

I dont really know much about the kindle, but the fact that i really want to try one makes me want to learn as much about it as i can!!! Does anyone know anything? because i would LOVE to hear feedback!


7 Responses to “BOOKS!”

  1. Courtney Blackstock October 29, 2008 at 5:09 pm #

    Hey, I too love books! I have you read or do you like the Twilight series? I personally love vampire books so I have read them all but I also like Stephanie Myers other book called The Host. She is a great sci-fi love novel style writer and it’s a great book for teens and up! I would recommend you check that out if you haven’t already that is. Now I have a question about your widgets! How did you get that “blogroll” one? I would love to have the same thing so that people who view my blog can find all of our class blogs. Let me know your secret? Thanks.

  2. Ian H. October 29, 2008 at 6:00 pm #

    While I think that unscrupulous people may hack the Kindle/e-book to get free reading material, I don’t think it will happen much. Music consumption and reading consumption are so different I’m not sure that people who download one will necessarily download the other. For one, many people simply use music as a background track for something else they are doing (including reading). I’m not sure that the same can be said for books. Also, the argument could be made that free books already available have not cut into author’s revenues that much – we’ve had libraries for years, and authors still get paid.
    On the other hand, people are cheap, so you never know… something to thing about, anyways…

  3. samanthadouglas October 29, 2008 at 7:48 pm #

    I have read all of those books and they are among my absolute favorite! If you like vampire books you should check out the Marked series by P.C. cast, and blue bloods by melissa de la cruz, and wooah there are so many good books i would recomend to you! haha you probably have read them anyways!

    k for blogroll i like added the blog roll widget then i think i had to individually add all of our class, i did it at the beginning of the class when we were sent a list of everyones blogs!

    I can see how people wouldn’t download books, the more i think of it, because its on such a different scale than music, but ya people are cheap so i wouldn’t put it past them! But the kindle is so expensive that the people who have the kindle wouldn’t be the “cheap” kind of people!

    I know if i had a kindle i would spend A LOT of money… i would buy books sooo much and i would read way more haha its probably better if I dont get one… but i spend a lot of money on books anyways haha

  4. Alanna October 30, 2008 at 1:56 am #

    I have to say that I am a huge fan of books too. Although I rarely find the time to read a book, and one of my problems is finding a good book. So let me know some good ones. I understand your concern about people hacking and stealing the books. I don’t think it is right to steal the work they work so hard to make. With musicians they at least have other ways f making money instead of just their cd’s. Authors of books only have the books they read to make their money, and I know they don’t all do it for the money, but it is still an important factor. I myself also enjoy the feel of books. I love being able to hold the book and I love being able to sit with a book, it lets people know to just leave me alone and not bother me.

  5. Dean Shareski October 30, 2008 at 8:17 pm #

    The Kindle isn’t available in Canada but hopefully it will soon. My choose for books includes audio books. I have an account with Audible and listen to a couple books a month that way. Depending on the book, it’s a great way to read, I’m mean listen, no , I mean read.

  6. danarogo November 3, 2008 at 1:22 am #

    I love people who love books. My sister is a librarian and something really awesome that she did was create a book list/journal.
    The idea is after you read a book you put the title and a bit of information in about you.
    You can organize it by genre or date you read it. etc

    Then you can always go back and reference what you read. I’m not sure what ed program you are in but with something like this you can always reference information like this to students.

    think about it! I haven’t made one yet but I really want as a resource for myself, teaching and for friends.. (then I can suggest good books to them… )

  7. samanthadouglas November 3, 2008 at 4:51 pm #

    thats such a good idea! i actually did that recently, haha, for my mom because she is a grade seven/eight teacher. I have a massive library of books so i had to pick which ones would be suitable for her grade, so i went through pretty much all of my books and put the books and a summary so her students could pick which ones to read haha

    the scary thing is i enjoyed it because i love my books so much

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