wow lots of people blog!

29 Oct

So i added a whole bunch of blogs to my google reader, mostly teacher related things because I wanted to get a feel of how teachers are using these tools in the classroom. One blog i added was a person who actually came and did a lecture in my EPS class, Alex Couros

He did a really good job at presenting to our class so i went and read some of his blog posts and came across a blog post that really caught my attention: Self Child-Pornography This was a blog refering to an article about a young girl who sent pictures of herself nude to her classmatess. The consequences of this act are very critical! She could be registered as a sex offender for twenty years!

What i dont understand is why a girl, or any person, would want to put pictures of themself on the internet. It is such a desperate cry for attention, it is sad! Also, it seems like the punishment is almost unfit, because she is getting charged as a sex offender. Of course she was the one who was distributing the child pornogrophy, but it seems contradictory to charge someone underage with a charge that is used to protect people underage. If it is her that is putting the pictures out, it is her offending herself, but she has made that choice… but is still adding to the mass amounts of child pornogrophy in the world! I have mixed feelings because it seems contradictory yet needs to be punishable, but maybe that way needs to be modified. I mean, if a underage girl sends her underage boyfriend a picture of herself in compromising situations, is that something that would be charged for sex offender? If so… there would be many many more charges… Or did this girl who got charged get the punishment she did because she sent it to so many people.

What if a girl sent that picture to one person then that picture got leaked throughout the community… would she be the one charged?

I know that there was a girl in my community that used to send pictures like that to pretty much everyone… and she was like in grade eight… it was terrible. Should she have been charged? Maybe if she would have, she wouldnt have turned out the way she did, and would have been more careful about the image she set herself up to have.

Not only was i interested in the topic, but i saw different ways of blogging! It was thought provoking and engaged readers to form their own opinions on the subject! As a teacher I want to be able to do that with my students everyday.


One Response to “wow lots of people blog!”

  1. Alanna October 30, 2008 at 2:05 am #

    Samantha, I understand your thoughts on this particular issue. There was a girl at my school that apparently sent around pictures like that, but she wasn’t charged either. I think it all come down to the people you are sending the pictures to, and also the people they are going to show it to. I also don’t understand why anyone feel the need to take pictures of themselves like that, But then again it makes me feel sad that those people feel that lonely and that badly about themselves and their lives. I think sentencing them for taking pictures isn’t really going to solve the problem, they net to get some counseling on why they did it, and hopefully get their lives back on track as a result. I guess everyone has a different thought on whether these cases should be a criminal offences, but the reality is that for some people there lives are turned upside down from being charged, while others just continue on doing it without any worry.

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