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18 Nov

So i keep on forgetting to blog! And i remembered i had to blog about my other classroom! This classroom is really awesome because its from a school I am familiar with, has kids in it that i actually know, and my best friend told me the teacher is awesome and she seems like it so far!
I have zero experience with wikispaces so it is kind of cool to be able too learn how to use a new tool, but I find it difficult to get involved with the class!

So instead of commenting on their blogs I have made a comment introducing myself, and made a comment about one of the assignments they were working on! Hopefully they will blog back, like a couple of them have, and it will help them to do their assigment!


cyber bullying.

13 Nov

Cyberbullying is just crazy. The things you can do to people with technology just ampliphy what you can still do face to face. It complicates bullying, and creates a way where you just cant seem to hide from it. You can’t control the texts you get, the emails you recieve, the facebook comments that get posted… unless you remove yourself from it completely! And doesnt that just defeat the point of having it to begin with?

People take things way to seriously that are said over chats etc, and its so ridiculous because people have way more confidence saying something over msn than face to face, sooo people will say whatever they want!

If your going to fight you should do it in person… if someone cant stand up to me if they have a problem, and cant do it to my face, they shouldnt even bother because i would just ignore anything else. I have no problem confronting people to their face and saying what is on my mind and i expect nothing less from everyone else… you have to stand up for yourself, your never going to gain confidence doing it on the internet or in texts.

some people use the internet as a way to get away from the world that taunts and hurts them, and when they are being bullied in that world as well its just another place that they feel left out of and unsafe in.

A movie that really has impacted me is this movie odd girl out. It was a made for tv kind of movie, it had alexa vega in it and i rented it once. It is all about bullying, and i watched it with about ten other girls. Everyone seems to have their own views and experiences with bullying so we all had mixed opinions about the movie and it lead to like a three hour long discussion and i was just raging i got so defensive it was crazy! but yes this movie is good, i have a link below if you want to watch it and tell me what you think!
Odd Girl Out

book sale!

4 Nov

ok!! so the university had a book sale a couple weeks ago and i pretty much went crazy because books were like 3 dollars soooo i now have a large amount of books to read! And today i decided that alanna is going to switch books with me (haha i said decided because im so very nice and said she had to lend it to me instead of asking haha… sooo kind) because she is reading a book i really wanted to buy the other day! i dont even remember what its called anymore haha alanna knows

haha and it is pretty weird that im blogging about books like twice in the last couple weeks but really i love them so much! haha!

What prompted this blog was when i saw the movie trailer for Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. That is like one of my favorite books, i loved it so much! I’m really excited now because hopefully they dont ruin it with the movie!!!

So now I want to see what peoples favorite books are! i have sooo soo soo many! Twilight series by stephenie meyers is probably my favorite! It has become such a huge deal its crazy!!! i was soo obsessed when i started reading them sooo long ago, and made everyone i know read them, and now its huge and so many people have read it its amazing! Im pumped for that movie too! haha her other book The Host was really really good too!

A really good website to look for books, and find out if a book is part of a series or has a sequal is Fantastic Fiction haha i go on there a lot!

So i could probably put a book list on here that is days long, so instead i will just say the last couple of series that i have read

Confessions of Georgia Nicholson by Luoise Rennison
-These are books like Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, which was made into a movie, and all the books that came after it! They are british humour books but they are pretty funny! They are really easy reads though haha i read them in the time i would watch a movie haha, but still once i started i couldnt stop and read them all!

The Au Pairs By Melissa De La Cruz
-There are four books and i borrowed them from a friend who never reads, and they were pretty good i enjoyed reading them! And i enjoyed that my friend was actually reading a book

I love series haha, once i read one i cant get enough! soooo here are a list of my other favorites!
-House of Night – P.C. Cast
-Private – Kate Brian
All Tamora Pierce series
-Harry Potter!!! that ones self explanitory i think.
-Book of Pellinor – Allison Croggon
-Series of Unfortunate Events
-Bloody Jack – L.A. Meyer (THIS ONE IS AWESOME!)
Libba Brays trilogy A Great And Terrible Beauty
Melissa De La Cruz Blue Bloods books
ooooh there are soo many i cant even think of them all, and all my books are at home! haha

Right now i really want to read Kiss Of Death by Marcus Sedgwick! I have read all of the books i could get by him, and this is a sequal to a book a read in the summer. I bought his books because the covers were a really cool texture, haha which sounds really bad, but he is a very good author and i loved all his books.

Ok i want to know what everyone else likes to read!!!

i have a final project!

4 Nov

ok! so i am going to make a digital portfolio!!! in the past i have used a site called career cruising, but that was when i was in school and the school paid for the students to use it… which i guess i can’t do now. Sooo i am trying to find the best way that i can make an online portfolio or just one on the computer!

We have to make a portfolio for our EPS100 class, and i already have a hardcopy one, but a digital one would be sooo much easier to update!

I got the idea from being in the classroom for me EPS class! The teacher was talking abut how schools in regina are starting making students make portfolios in like grade eight on the career cruising site, then throughout all of the rest of their schooling career they can update it, and switch their accounts from school to school! This creates such a better start, especially for students who don’t make them till late high school or even start in university! I made mine because i was in a career and work explorations class, and my mom had saved almost everything i needed for it (being a teacher she knew it was worth it to keep those things organized) and without it i would have worked on the project for months and months! When kids start this early they will be able to keep things organized and it will be way easier to make resumes etc! The teacher i was with was talking about how the idea that when you go to apply for a job you would just be able to give them your usb key and they have your organized portfolio!

I want to transfer mine into a digital one, and am looking for ways to do that! any ideas? haha