cyber bullying.

13 Nov

Cyberbullying is just crazy. The things you can do to people with technology just ampliphy what you can still do face to face. It complicates bullying, and creates a way where you just cant seem to hide from it. You can’t control the texts you get, the emails you recieve, the facebook comments that get posted… unless you remove yourself from it completely! And doesnt that just defeat the point of having it to begin with?

People take things way to seriously that are said over chats etc, and its so ridiculous because people have way more confidence saying something over msn than face to face, sooo people will say whatever they want!

If your going to fight you should do it in person… if someone cant stand up to me if they have a problem, and cant do it to my face, they shouldnt even bother because i would just ignore anything else. I have no problem confronting people to their face and saying what is on my mind and i expect nothing less from everyone else… you have to stand up for yourself, your never going to gain confidence doing it on the internet or in texts.

some people use the internet as a way to get away from the world that taunts and hurts them, and when they are being bullied in that world as well its just another place that they feel left out of and unsafe in.

A movie that really has impacted me is this movie odd girl out. It was a made for tv kind of movie, it had alexa vega in it and i rented it once. It is all about bullying, and i watched it with about ten other girls. Everyone seems to have their own views and experiences with bullying so we all had mixed opinions about the movie and it lead to like a three hour long discussion and i was just raging i got so defensive it was crazy! but yes this movie is good, i have a link below if you want to watch it and tell me what you think!
Odd Girl Out


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