1 Dec

So i made my podcast using gabcaster which was really easy!


I spent quite a while exploring the different podcasts on iTunes and i found a whole bunch that are called IndieFeed. There a whole bunch that are from different genres of music, and this podcast basically plays a song from that genre per podcast. I subscribed to pretty much all the genres, as i love music, and found lots of songs that i really enjoy but probably never would have heard of! They are all bands that aren’t big, but have great work. At the end they also give a bit of a bio about the band so it was interesting to hear the music but hear what that band has accomplished and what they are working on!

the other podcast i subscribed to was Two Tech Chicks. This podcast is tips and tricks for gadgets and software for your difital life given by two Texas chicks obsessed with anything digital. The podcast is geared specifically to educatiors interested in integrating technology into their curriculum. Companion blog, forums and resources at Tech Chick Tips This blog was really cool because it talked about different online tools and how they could be used in a classroom. It was very much like our class, and was interesting to hear from another perspective, gave me more ideas.


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