K-12 Overcoming Entropy

3 Dec

Overcoming Entropy
It sounds like a simple idea– kids don’t like school… kids like games, so if we sneak some educational content into games, won’t everyone benefit? This session will explore what’s right and wrong about this idea, and how educators can discern the difference between the hype and the promise. I believe that although some of the promise has been oversold, there is much to learn from exploring the educational promise of games in the classroom.

This was a shorter presentation with a large amount of information. There were many important points i found in this presentation and found i had to pause and rewind because they were coming at me so fast. The big part of the presentation focused on the need for change.

The first thing described was how when a generation of teacher is succesful with innovative ideas, they move towards a routine. The ideas they had that were once new and different, and very effective, overtime become just a status quo. While they are still effective in their own way, a need for change is evident.

This presentator talked a lot about energy, and about energy in the classroom. Energy should be pushed into new forms of learning. The energy should work towards making learning more powerful. When the student can see the end result that learning is more powerful, so you should provide examples as well as tell stories. Providing a good example for the students is very important.

“Change is not linear…” was said in the presentation. She said that change is threads of influence that are linked when the influence is stronger. The power held by a person is a great responsibility. The power a person holds makes it able for them to influence others. When you influence them to do something, and they become confident, they are empowered and can influence further. The chain reaction is a huge lead in either a postitive direction or a negative direction, so we have to make sure we handle ourselves responsibly.

She said that we have to focus on the why rather than the end result. The process is just as much if not more important than the end result.

Finally, students have to find their voice and use it. It is our jobs to help them find that voice. Teaching is so important, it shapes the lives of the youth, and our future population. As a teacher you have to make sure you put that into perspective when you are teaching, guiding, and influencing them throughout their education.


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