K-12 Promise into Practice – What It Now Means to Teach Adolescent Readers and the Impact of the Results

3 Dec

Promise into Practice
It is a daunting and exciting time to teach English – especially as we consider the “shifts” in how we define literacy, and the toolset for our work as readers and writers continually expands. This session investigates one teacher’s work in studying her practice and students’ learning when she worked to bridge new literacies into “traditional” classroom practice.

I found this to be an amazing presentation. I took two pages of notes of just the things that i found the very most interesting. The main purpose of this presentation was how literacy is advanced much more beyond paper literacy. The different tasks using technology in a group of students had them thinking in different ways about reading.

A teacher worked with four different english classes and only took a technological approach with some of the class. Near the end, technology was incorporated in both groups. The groups were forced to individually talk about what they think literate is, and their experiences with literacy.

when students did their book reports they were challenged to work at it in a different way. They had to make a book trailer, and this trailer was a more interesting way to persuade interest in books! They also had a physical copy of their work on the book. With an oral presentation, once the presentation is done they dont have to think about it anymore, but with a hardcopy presentation they were able to look back on it and think about the book in a different perspective.

Another huge part of this presentation was how putting things online created a bigger audience.
A quote from the presentation that i found really interesting was “If two heads are better than one, then how bout two thousand”
This is an amazing thought, and makes a lot of sense. When students are able to connect with virtually millions of people, their level of thinking is on a much higer level, and they are given perspectives they might never have thought about. And it also interests the students so much more, because they are getting to show their work to so many more people!

Students were able to say “I have something to say”. They challenged themselves as learners, and became more confident doing so. Becoming more literate, in the paper way and the digital way, created a confidence that had them engaging more in conversation. The roles in the classroom shifted… Teacher as learner, student as learner, student as teacher… and roles added even more to that confidence.

Another quote i thought a lot about was how the students came to “read as writers, write as readers”. The read in the mindset of the writer, and as they wrote they thought of what the reader would be thinking when they read the work. This is such a deeper understanding of reading, and will be something I will think more of when I read and write.


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