Merry Christmas

25 Dec

During Christmas I always find everyone to be very stressed out.  Going shopping depresses me, watching people being rude when buying things for others, a real life Grinch!  It’s such a wonderful time of year, and so many good things happen, and sometimes I forget about the good parts because I am so stressed out about other things.  For instance, my family is the both the best and worst part of Christmas.  When I say worst, I mean in the worst way family could ever be, they are family right?  I have four grandfathers… I’m sure you can do the math on how much Christmas we have.  There are days that are designated for certain grandparents, and we alternate them, and its very set in stone.  This year, my parents switched everything up, and our entire family is here.  I am both excited to see all my family, and to see their reactions with each other.

Today I got the best Christmas present I could ever imagine.  I have family in Australia, and we have seen them maybe three times.  Instantly we fell in love with each other two summers ago when they were here.  Because they live so far away, we have never been able to spoil them at Christmas it is just unreasonable in pricing.  Because of technology, this has changed, we could order them a gift from a local store.  This year, for the first year ever, we got all four of my cousins a gift: a red wii.  I just got a message from my Auntie and it was a video of them opening it.  My Aunt saved it for last, and hid it, so when they found out it was from us they were excited enough to begin with, then they opened it and it was hilarious.  They just sat there screaming, literally the best reaction I could think of.  Getting this video was the best thing I have ever got, I was so happy to just see them and see their reaction.

Facebook has been the best thing in the entire world, because of it I can know my cousins.  Without it, I would know nothing about them.  My Aunt will send us every picture, and I can chat with my ten year old cousin daily.  I miss them greatly, but thanks to technology I can have a relationship with them.

I’m so glad I could watch that video, so I can remember how much I love Christmas, and especially my family.

Merry Christmas everyone.



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