Math Attitude

13 Jan

What are people’s attitudes towards mathematics?  Why do some people hate mathematics?  Many things can affect how people view mathematics.  The content itself, although does play a role in the anxiety that mathematics, but not necessarily one of the greatest factors.  The stereotype of what is believed to be a math teacher and the social outlook on math and the teachers makes a great influence.  If children are raised thinking they hate math, whether it be from their teachers or their parents, that is going to be passed on.  The social aspect on attitude towards math plays a great deal especially in middle years.  This is the time when kids are changing the most and going through a lot, and worrying and being good at something like math might not be a priority or not considered “cool”.  Assessment also plays a great role in how people think about math.  At a young age things like tests are introduced with math and many students find it difficult being put on the spot with math, especially if they aren’t comfortable with it.

As a teacher, dealing with students attitudes towards math will be a concern.  What ways can I, as a teacher, make students have a more positive outlook on math and be more comfortable with it.  Maybe the ways in which one assesses the students can make a difference.  Giving real world examples and making math more applicable to students could make it pertain more to the students.  Its hard to say what might be the best way to help this image, but its clear that there is a problem so things obviously need to change.


2 Responses to “Math Attitude”

  1. Dean Shareski January 13, 2011 at 5:55 am #


    Take a look at this TED video by Dan Meyer.

  2. samanthadouglas January 13, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    Thanks Dean

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