Seeing The Change

16 Feb

A task we have been asked to do has been to compare the old math curriculum and the new math curriculum.  The table of contents for Mathematics 10 and Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 are the focus.

Besides the formatting and presentation of how the table of contents are presented, there are a lot of differences between the old and new curriculum.  They seem to start of the same way, with an acknowledgment and introduction.  After that they could be completely different subjects all together.  The old curriculum gives ways to use the curriculum guide, the components, how to assess, and how to organize and aid in the planning of the instruction.  The difference between that the new curriculum is pretty obvious.  The new curriculum doesn’t have that.  It doesn’t have a basic “how to” assess the student, or even how you have to teach the student.  It is giving you the outcomes and the goals and from there you have to plan your instruction.

This effects teachers in multiple ways.  The new curriculum isn’t a “how to teach” book but an actual guideline of the objectives to teach.  It isn’t something to be used as so much as a crutch as the old.  There is more emphasis on blooms taxonomy and different learners in the new curriculum.  It focuses on how you are going to be able to go beyond the content and have life long learners.  The new curriculum is in much more detail than the old, and less emphasis put on the math.

There is no reference to inquiry in the old curriculum but an entire section for it in the new curriculum.  This is showing the trend of teaching that is being emphasized right now and focused on in the new curriculum.  There is also a lot about the different aspects of learning that are important besides the math itself.  There is a section for cross curricular, which is also not a part of the old table of contents.

The implications of these differences seem to expect a lot more out of teachers.  There are more things you need to concern with the students, but also less at the same time.  There is more to teaching than the content itself, and the new curriculum is addressing that.


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