27 Mar

I find myself to become quite the fanatic when it comes to sports.  It really doesn’t matter the sport, I love them all, but if I get in the habit of following them it’s rather consuming.

I can’t help it.

I like having a team to follow, know everything about, and watch constantly.  It gives me something to do, and is much more fun!

I come from a family where we were brought up knowing it was important to watch our siblings play their sports.  I have watched more sports games of my brother than, probably, anyone else.  It’s easy to be a fanatic when it comes to my brother, I never miss.  Over the course of his Midget, Bantam and Pee-wee years of baseball I missed under twenty games.  Considering how much baseball he plays, that’s a small amount.  When summer comes I am consumed with baseball, my record of games watched per week last year was 12.

I need the live action.  Sure I watch MLB games on tv, and a lot of the time on the internet, but the live games are where I get hooked.

This winter I watched more hockey than I normally do, and it was because I was able to watch the WHL games.  I needed something to fill the baseball gap.  It’s pretty amazing how my attitude of living in Regina changed.  Up until this year, on the weekends, I was always home.  This year I found I had a reason to be in Regina more so, because I could look forward to a hockey game.  It sounds pretty silly, but it has made living away from home that much easier this year.

Now that hockey is slowly winding down (how sad), I can finally start getting myself ready to watch baseball, and I couldn’t be more excited.


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