Couldn’t Be More Proud

13 Apr

During my pre-internship I had an absolutely amazing experience.  Yes, there were plenty of them, but there is one that stands out the most for me.  I had a girl in my class with FASD.  I didn’t know this until the second last day of my internship, when her mom emailed my co-op.  I noticed, though, that she needed a different style of teaching the first day.

She sat in the corner, and didn’t partake in the lesson at all.  I tried, slowly, talking to her.  She did not trust me.  Each day I pushed a little more.  This was all before I actually started teaching (so really it was only the first two days).  My first day of teaching I made sure that I went over to her and explained the tasks one on one, without standing out and doing it.  I was handing everything out and I casually talked them through with her quick.  Her response to me changed quite quickly.  I made sure every day to go and talk to her, and ask her about her homework.  When I started making separate lessons for my student with Aspbergers I started giving them to her too, and working through problems out loud with her.

She trusted me.  I knew this when she came to me before class start to tell me how the homework went without me asking, and when she had lost her binder, the day she found it she came and told me right away.  She talked to me a lot more.  When I helped her with the work, she accepted my help.

When I gave out my first quiz I was a little worried, but she went to the tutorial teacher and did it with her so I assumed she was in good hands.  I marked it… 82%. Pretty good for a student who hasn’t been doing very well in the class.  I have to say, the tutorial teacher definitely made an impact, and I really wish I could have gone down and talked with that teacher.

The test day came.  My co-op had changed up the test for my two students who needed an adapted test, and she was getting to work in tutorial.  She did it over two classes rather than one.  The first day I got it back there was a huge FAIL written across the top of the page.  I was sad that she was so disheartened by the test.  After her tutorial class at the end of the day I got the test back and marked it.  87%.  I was amazed.  She almost did the entire test perfectly.  I was so proud! She understood all of the concepts.

The best part was giving it back.  I asked her how she thought she did… “not good” was the response.  All i said was “I don’t know where you get this fail from…” and put the test down.  I have never seen a students face light up so much.  She was so amazed, and I realized that she probably doesn’t see a lot of success in school, especially in math.

I only got to work with her three weeks, but maybe there will be more motivation for her to keep working hard, because it really did pay off, and lucky for me I got to show her that.


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