A Reflection

19 Apr

During pre-internship I learned a lot of things about myself.  I found that my expectations of myself, going into the experience, were very high, which probably forced me to try and do more each day.  Some of my ideas of what I thought education was changed, and others were reinforced.  I got to experience teachers out in the field and see many things that I like, but more likely than that was seeing thing that I didn’t like.

My main focus for this field placement was assessment.  I really wanted to try and actually do some assessing because this has been the real first chance I have got to do it.  I wanted to over do it, if anything, since we were only there for a short period of time.  I tried many different things like exit slips, entrance slips, anecdotal notes, observation, assignments, homework, quizzes, tests, projects and probably even more.  Each day I tried to make note of the assessing I planned to do as well as what I thought I had actually accomplished.  I made a detailed log on my online learning portfolio .

Not only did I try to vary my assessment tools, but I tried varying my teaching strategies as well.  Since my EMTH class researched using different online things, I tried hard to incorporate two of the strategies.  I made a What Can You Do With This video and used that as a point of inquiry with my math nines, as well I did a cell phone activity with my math tens.  Finally, after all that research, I was able to put it in action and actually see first hand how students responded to the strategy.  I tried a bunch of different inquiry lessons and the more I did the more successful they become.  My students were not used to any variance in their teaching so I had to make them comfortable first and create a better risk free environment for them.

I found myself trying to differentiate a lot.  There was a student with Aspbergers in my class, as well as FASD, and those were the things I was told about.  I made separate lessons for them to work on, that appealed to them better, as well as made extensions for my higher level students.  I taught all my lessons in a way that was meant to be understood by all and I was very conscious of  everything I said and did.  I had created a series of arm signals that the students new to show their understanding.

Some days I tried a little two hard with some of my lessons.  I think that my greatest weakness from this experience is that I really need to plan everything through.  There are lots of changes to my lessons that I could have avoided if I just spent a little bit more time critically thinking about them.  I had two difficult classes for classroom management, which I think I handled well most days, but this was also another thing to improve on greatly.  I need to vary my techniques on how I handle a class and become more familiar and comfortable using these different ways.  I am also worried about bullying.  I actually witnessed some minor bullying, and was able to stop it for the time being, but I am overwhelmed with not knowing how to handle it.  I have no clue!  I used to think I knew how to handle some of these things but now that I am actually in the school setting I am very worried I won’t actually know when the opportunity presents itself.

I learned so much from the experience, and was lucky to have a co-op who let me try everything I wanted to try.  I was able to go into some extra-curricular settings as well and get a feel for that.  My main focus for the future, now, is knowing that I have to be constantly thinking about what I’m doing and if I can do that and continue to build on my teaching, I feel like I will be become more of a teacher.


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