A History Of A Teacher

20 Apr

EPS 350 required us to make a documentary of our growth over this last semester.

Wow.  What a lot of work…

I created this video called A History Of A Teacher.  It is my reflection on what I have done for this semester.  Of course, I had to edit out a majority (basically all) of my actual experiences because there were students in the clips or pictures.  What is left is basically the introduction and conclusion.  I wanted to try and do something different… so I guess you just have to watch it to understand what I mean.. yes I am a huge dork.  The intro has more of my own reflection on how teaching has developed before I even got a chance to be involved. So I hope you enjoy!

I learned a lot doing this assignment.  Mainly that editing video drives me nuts.  It’s a really cool process and fun to work with, but since I had basically no video editing experience whatsoever there were a lot of frustrations.  I got it to look how I want it to, mostly… I used Windows Movie Maker, I wish I could try using some different programs.


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