Daycare Diaries

13 Jun

For my summer i work at a daycare.  It is a completely different experience to any teaching I have really done, and it is my second summer at the same daycare, with the same kids.  My first summer was really fun, but this summer should be much more exciting.  I am more involved in the planning of what I will be teaching and doing with the children, so there are many things that I am planning on doing, and decided I should be sharing what I am doing on my blog.

My summer is made up of two main sections.  Right now I am with a group of 10 four-year olds who are going into kindergarten in the fall.  I am with them for three weeks, two of which I am required to do the planning.  The last part of the summer, which goes for the remaining two months, I am with the school aged kids, so kindergarten to around grade three.  That part of the summer I am planning fully with another lady who works at the daycare.

I am a little behind on my posts for doing this, but I am almost done my time with the four-year olds.  The rest of the summer we are doing an Ancient Egypt theme with the school aged kids.

Working at a daycare has really changed my outlook on teaching.  Working with children that young, something that I didn’t think I could ever really do, has made me realize that I could teach people of any age and feel comfortable doing so.  Being in a daycare is so much different from a school, as the role of parent is so much more evident in the daycare.  Some children are there from 6 in the morning and stay until 6 at night… they put in longer days than I do.  The “classroom” management is different, since the environment is much more different.

I am very lucky to be having this job, and I’m looking forward to sharing them.


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