Fairy Tale Creations

13 Jun

We read a lot of stories at the daycare, and make up a lot of stories.  I do a lot of breathing exercises with them and tell them stories, that are all basically the same story just change small details about them.  I orally tell them in the story then when I am done they have to recount the whole story to me and tell me the story themselves.  Their listening skills have improved as well as their memory, as they can say every detail of the story now, and they pay attention more when we read normal books.

For a couple of days I was focusing on fairy tales, and we tried to read books and stories they were less familiar with.  We read puss n boots and I had them tell me the story after.  Then they had to decorate their own boots and make their own cats.  They had fun making the cats, even though it wasn’t much of a “craft”.

Our second fairy tale task was that they wanted to make their own fairy tale.  They couldn’t agree on a story line, so we read sleeping beauty and made our own book.  It was a more traditional version of the book, so they had to really pay attention to the differences (than that of the movie).  After we read the book we made a six page book of our own.  They told me what to write on each page, and then each child illustrated a different page.  Then we read the book to a group of younger students and the kids explained their drawings.


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