Snack Time Science

13 Jun

I happened to give my kids smarties for a snack one day, and we had a lot of fun with them.  We played a game while we ate them, working on our colours, where they had to sort them, and then we drew smarties out of a container and ate them in that order.  The first day we had smarties they really wanted to make them into guitars, but we couldn’t find enough elastic bands to be able to make them.

So we turned them into boats.  The kids made the sales and I taped them together.  They had a lot of fun just playing with them, then I asked if they thought that they would float.  We filled a tub with water and stuck the boats in.  They were amazed they actually were floating!  I told them why they were doing that, and i showed them how to make the sails work and let them go.

The only sad part for them was the boats were too soggy to keep in the end, and they all sunk.  They really wanted to keep them, but unfortunately we had to throw them out.


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