How To Train Your Dragon

14 Jun

My kids LOVE the movie How To Train our Dragon.  So, we decided to make a week out of it and do a different activity each day, ending with watching the movie.  Our first day we created our own dragons.  We made sock puppets of our dragons, which worked really well.  I got pom poms, pipe cleaners, eyes, and gems to use to hot glue onto the socks, and the kids had to cut out their own wings to put on.  Since they are four, myself and another teacher did all of the glueing they just picked where everything went.  They worked out really well and the kids really enjoyed flying their dragons around the daycare.

The next thing we made was our shields to help us train the dragons.  I cut out cardboard circles and taped handles on the back.  The kids had to draw and design what they wanted to put on their shield.  After the shields were made they could have a dragon on their one hand and the shield in the other, and they could train the dragons themselves.

The last thing we did to prepare for our dragon training was make viking hats.  I cut bands out of brown paper and fit them to each students head.  Then I cut out black circles and the kids glued them onto the hat.  Then I stapled horns onto the hats, and the kids could wear them.

They were really excited with all three of their outfit items on to watch the movie.  They played pretty rough with them, so they started falling apart after awhile, but the kids still loved them.  It was a really successful week.


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