Ice Ice Baby

14 Jun

This week’s theme at the daycare is ice.  We are learning all about how ice is made, what happens to ice in different temperatures, how we use ice, where we see it, and playing many different games with the ice.  To start off our week of ice we coloured ice age pictures in our spare time, and told an ice story.

To incorporate more science into their curriculum I created ice cubes with food colouring in them of the primary colours.  We talked about how the ice was made and what would happen when they melted.  We had a bag of just blue ice, a bag of yellow ice, and a bag of red ice.  Then we made bags with red and blue, red and yellow, and blue and yellow.  The kids didn’t really know what colours would be made when they melted so it worked out even better.  The kids had to think of the best ways to melt the ice, and it was a competition as to who could melt their ice the fastest.  Then they were amazed as they saw what colours the combinations made.  There was two different kids with each combination, and they noticed right away that the same combinations always made the same colour.  We talked about colour and how it mixes. They loved the coloured ice, they wanted to drink it, so they ate the ice cubes.  Then at lunch they wanted them in their drinks so I put it in their cups and they loved drinking the changing coloured water and milk (the milk was weird but they loved it haha).

The other activity we did was we made our own ice cubes. I printed off a cube template and they had to cut on the solid lines and fold the dotted lines.  It was a little more difficult for them, but in the end only one student really had trouble following the directions.  I had to do the glueing of the cube but they did the rest.  We talked about the shape and how it was made all of squares, and they were excited to have their own ice cubes.  I remember making my own cubes in grade nine math, so I was amazed to see four-year olds do the same thing.


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