Four Year Old Entertainment

5 Jul

Not only did we learn about dragons and ice, but the four year olds and I did some other fun activities.  One afternoon I really needed them to stay focused and quiet for a long period of time, and work on their fine motor skills.  We made candy necklaces!  I just dumped fruitloops on the table and gave them each some fruit flavoured dental floss and they strung away, then when they were big enough I tied it around their necks.  Not only were they busy for close to an hour beading, they enjoyed eating the necklaces all afternoon (being careful only to eat while they were sitting down).

We did lots of different kinds of painting and crafts, but my favourite was the scratch and sniff strawberries.  I mixed red paint with strawberry bubble bath, so when it was finished drying they scratched it and it smelled like strawberries.

We made sail boats using “halfs”, where they had a full shape and had to fold it in half in order for the shapes to make the boat.  It was the week of fathers day so we also made a fathers day craft.  They painted little boxes red and we labelled them “Dad’s Toolbox” and filled it with numerous items like smarties – for the days when you aren’t so smart.  (If I find the poem we used I will put it up here).

The only issue I had with this was that I wasn’t comfortable doing father’s day activities.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate fathers and all they do for their kids, but I am also aware that many kids do not have fathers.  Especially working at a non-profit daycare, there are a lot of kids who just don’t have dads, or their dads are not in the picture.  Very similar with family trees, I find this topic rather uncomfortable to approach without not including some kids in the classroom.  Our group of kids had a fathers day party and all the dads and grandpas were invited to come, and of course one kid didn’t have a dad that came.  It was upsetting having to see the child not feel included.  One girl didn’t even come in, and I’m sure it was because there wasnt a dad or grandpa to come in.  I think there is ways of handling situations better than how it was handled in our situation.  I think sometimes people just forget that a family looks different for every person, and we need to stop looking at just the conventional family life we have socially set.


2 Responses to “Four Year Old Entertainment”

  1. Bradley July 14, 2011 at 3:57 am #

    I have a four year old son and I was looking for some thing to do with just him (spending some one on one time with him) and really thought the scratch and sniff paint a very good idea!

    Appreciate what you said about fathers and kids who don’t have fathers in their lives. I’m divorced and am lucky that I have a decent relationship with my ex so that our kids are still have that “family” feeling, so I can’t imagine how it’d be not being in my kids lives.

  2. An Idealist Thinker August 9, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    Hi Samantha, i came to your blog through the 100% post and i couldn’t have said it better myself. I like how you express yourself, so wandered around your blog. I liked a lot of what you have said here and in a few other posts that i read.

    In the past few days, i have been astonished by many young bloggers with such depth of insight & expression. You are one of them. My 5-year old would be lucky to have you as his teacher.

    Keep up the great work!

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