I Am Ebenezer Bleezer

5 Jul

This is much over due, but I thought I might as well continue on with the week of ice I did with my kids at the daycare.  First we did popsicle paintings.

I had a picture of a popsicle and they had ice cubes that were filled with cherry jello and they had to paint them.  Another person I worked with suggested putting tempura paint in water and in a dixie cup then sticking a popsicle stick in it to paint with (I would have done this if I wasn’t worried about my kids eating them!) They also really enjoyed eating the jello ice cubes.

Another activity we tried was experiencing melting ice.  I took freezer bags and filled them with individually wrapped candy, rings and rubber balls, and filled them with water and froze them.  Then they each had their own giant ice cube to melt.  The trick with this is not letting them hold the ice too long or their hands get cold.  We had a water table filled with warm water and they all melted their ice cubes and discovered their treasures.  They were also excited to see how fast a tub of warm water could turn cold!

We practiced our numbers by doing a connect the dot ice cream cone.  They are only four, so their curriculum says that they only need to recognize the numbers 1-5 (I think) and know at the very least up to 10.  I documented how well each kid did, ranging from kids who could barely do 1- 3 on their own, and kids who could go all the way to 30.  It was an interesting activity to see the different developements of the children.

The final activity we did was making ice cream.  It was a very cool activity (haha get it? cool?)

We took one large freezer bag, filled it with ice and two table spoons of salt.  Then we took sandwich bags and filled it with 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.  Then we made sure to seal both bags, after putting the smaller bag inside the bigger.  Then we shook… and shook… and shook…. and it surprisingly turned into ice cream! We played tossing games and hot potato and they were absolutely amazed when it was solid.  Then we made sundaes.

To wrap up the ice, we read the poem Bleezer’s Ice Cream Store.  (I had it memorized, thank you very much)  They loved it, so we all made up our own ice cream flavours and they drew pictures of the amazing creations they imagined (sadly I have no pictures).

It is a couple weeks later, and they are still talking about the ice, it was a very fun week.


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