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Crushing A Positive Attitude

31 Aug

A short lesson on something you should NOT do.


Regardless of ones own opinions on personal school and high school experiences, keep the following in mind…


When the kids express to you how excited they are to begin school in the fall, and they can’t wait, do not:

a. Tell them they are stupid for being excited about something like school.

b. Call them a loser or dork for being so excited.

c. Tell them to never be for excited for school again..


When the kids are doing math problems for recreation, and enjoying them, do not:

a. Tell them math is stupid and boring.

b. Make fun of them for liking math.

c. Tell them it only gets harder and they will never understand it.


As sad as it is, these young ages may be the only time when kids are actually excited to go to school.  Kids don’t get sarcasm.  Please don’t crush their spirits, it could make the difference in the future.