A Day In My Life

12 Sep

This semester I am fortunate enough to be interning at Peacock Collegiate.  I am in an amazing classroom, with an amazing teacher, teaching math and science (sadly no art).  There are so many wonderful things to talk about just not enough time in the day.  I am so exhausted!  Teaching is so draining that by the end of the day I’m ready for a nap.

And fortunately for me, the last class of the day is grade ten math… It’s a great class, if only they didn’t talk.  This is an example of what I listen to:

kid 1: ya whats up mang?
kid 2: chillin you?
kid 1: dece bro.
kid 2: che-ya.
kid 1: i know mang.
kid 2: holy.
kid 1: dude, three day weekend.
kid 2: noice.
kid 1: dont worry about it.
kid 2: mang?
kid 1: dont worry about it.
kid 2: hey are you chillin or buying a calculator?
kid 1: thats just my chump change.
kid 2: you dont even know how to use it.
kid 1: yeah mang its all G.
kid 2: this pencil wreaks man.
kid 1: hey man. chill.
kid 2: principal man yeah he wouldnt even care about that shirt he’d be like ya man im ripping.

Now, I’m not that much older, but I can’t understand them at all.  I know all this slang, I hear this slang around my own peers, but not this bad.  They don’t make any sense, and I think they know this.  Each time I hear the words “mang” and “chillin”  I cringe.

I am taking a seriously long look at how I speak, I never want to sound like that.  No more chillin for me I guess.

Dece bra mang, I’m out.


2 Responses to “A Day In My Life”

  1. Texasjune September 12, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    I’m not familiar with that school, but please say they’re learning math … how could you be sure, can you decipher their handwriting? You must have extensive patience. Maybe internships are planned for challenges! Good luck!

  2. Patrick October 8, 2011 at 4:13 am #

    Hah! I work in a youth home and I hear this speech every day. I almost crack up every time I need to pick a student up from school and as their leaving they go “C ya later dog.” I guess it is more amusing to me, but really it is appalling at how much this language persists.

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