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Who is technology replacing?

4 Dec

So I am sitting at my computer… waiting for pictures to be uploaded on photobucket… and I started thinking about a short story i read in grade ten english. Yes, I’m super cool and remember short stories I read in grade ten english (I think this is the second one I have referenced, from the same class actually, same unit of short stories). Sometimes stories make an impact on me, and this is one that really interested me and was probably one of my favorite short stories I have ever read.

The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

ok so pretty much if you want my blog to make much sense you will probably have to read the story…

It is a really dark story, about how children, peter and wendy (how creepy… ), pretty much dream about killing their parents every day when they play. Now that just sounds sick but there is so much to this story. First of all, peter and wendy… that is definitly a peter pan reference, about kids who don’t want to grow up, or take on responsibilities. Secondly, the cost of the home in this story is thirty thousand dollars, which is cool because he was writing about the future and it is always interesting to see how people imagine the future, in the past.

Basically there is a home that does absolutely everything for the people, and they have a nursery that creates whatever the child dreams. As the children grow up with all of this technology they start playing in an african veldt with lions. Every time they are in the veldt they imagine the lions killing their parents, and the parents can here the screams of virtually themselves dying. The parents, throughout the story, are realizing how the home is taking the place as parents. Eventually the children feel they dont need their parents, trap them in the nursery, and have the lions kill them because the parents threaten to take the nursery away. Like i said, a very dark story.

The mother says… “The house is wife and
mother now, and nursemaid. Can I compete with an African veldt?” This is one quote from the story that really stands out to me… it makes me think about what technology we are using, and what is that replacing. When new technology is made there are new jobs formed… but what jobs are they replacing? What tasks, which some people base their life on, will no longer be necessary? At what point will the lives we lead today become something entirely different… ?