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Bring The Noise

15 Nov

Everyone likes music to some degree. Regardless of the genre, music connects to people in some way. In society much of our culture is laced with music and itself has become a culture. As an artistic person I often find ways to connect with others in a creative matter, and the easiest connection to make with people is music. It is because of these reasons that I have found that I think music could be very beneficial in education.

Music can house creativity, it can spark interest, it can begin physical activity, and it can create happiness. Music can do a lot of things, and yet in my schooling experience I have found it is rarely used. My experience of music in elementary school was singing choral music, which no one found entertaining. My experience in highschool was even less. People hear music everywhere, so why can’t they hear it in the classroom?

There are obviously countless online resources for music, which I can not wait to explore, but the one website I have emmerced myself in recently has been Groove Shark. Not only has this program allowed me to explore music for my personal use, but it has given me countless ideas for use in the classroom.

The website is fairly simple. You sign up, and then you can listen to music. Simple as that sounds, the uses can be endless. The website keeps track of all the music you listen to, so there you won’t ever forget a song. You can add songs to a library and make playlists. The set up of the website is very easy to use, and the amount of music I was able to search was impressive. Many off scene Canadian artists showed up, because they themselves had uploaded music. There is another point, you can upload music to the site. Because it is a website, you can access your account from any internet source, and even from your phone. The most important thing I found was that you can make playlists.

This is where I started thinking a lot. Over the summer I had a job at the daycare, and for at least an hour every day I danced with the children. I had over ten cd’s that I took to work and we would play them and dance to them. It was spectacular, the kids totally responded to it, and I had a very wonderful time working there. I found that my management with the children increased because they were just waiting for me to play music for them, and their attention was focused to me because they liked to listen to what I had to say. We had a lot of fun dancing, and they always requested songs, which led me to making more and more cd’s. This is where grooveshark could come in handy! I could easily just bring my laptop and set the playlists up for the kids ahead of time, or make the playlists as we went. Of course I would have to make sure they were appropriate, but I am well versed in music so I doubt the children could catch me off guard. I can easily hook my laptop up to a speaker system, and next summer I plan on using this at the daycare. I am very excited.

A very interesting thing about Grooveshark is that you can share your playlists or subscribe to playlists. If there are educators using this program I would love to subscribe to their playlists and get as much music for the classroom as possible! Although I have many personal playlists on my account, I have made playlists for the music I used over the summer at the daycare. My first playlist includes my drama music. For this music I had the kids dance like certain things that connected with the music. This worked wonders with the kids, because they were guided into what they could dance like but at the same time free to express themselves in whatever way they wanted. For example the most popular song I used was Walk the Dinosaur By Queen Latifah, where they had to dance like dinosaurs. I also used the song Popcorn and had them start as popcorn kernals and had them work up to popping around like popcorn.

I have also made a playlist with music that I could use just to dance to! I figure if I can use this in any way in a classroom, I will, and I will continue to add music to my playlists. If you want to check out the music I have collected you can check out my Playlists.