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Drive Hammered… Get Nailed.

13 Oct

I have been thinking a lot lately about drinking and driving. Today a person passed away from drinking and driving, and it really hit me hard. I didn’t even know this person, just the brother of a friend of a friend of mine, yet I havent been feeling normal all day. It makes me take into consideration how many people are affected by drinking and driving.

About three years ago a student at my school, a graduate from peacock upgrading at vanier, passed away from a drinking and driving accident. His best friend decided to get behind the wheel and drive home and caused the accident. This was a really hard time for my school, and i imagine all the schools in moose jaw. Going to a catholic school, we prayed for this person every day. I know the brother, and he has been affected dramatically. The way he and his friends look at drinking while under the influence is not the same… which it shouldn’t be.

Two years ago three members of the hockey team in Moose Jaw were hit by a drunkk driver going home from a game. Two of the members had to watch as their team mate and friend was removed from the car with the jaws of life. He was in a comma for a while, but he managed to pull through. He is lucky to have his life… but his life is not even close to the same as it was before the accident. His body is not in the condition to play sports anymore, so he will never get to play hockey again, which has changed his dreams and his entire future.

Last year I have a friend that was given a full ride scholarship to a college in the states to play baseball, a huge opportunity. He lost his scholarship, position on the team, and place in the school when he decided to drive drunk. While driving under the influence he got into an accident… which lead to the many serious consequences.

Just a couple weekends ago I spent my saturday night driving along the highway looking for a friend. At 12:00 am me and my friend got a call saying that this friend was very drunk and decided to get in his car and drive to davidson, and got lost on the way to chamberlain. The continued to tell us that he phoned and didn’t know where he was, and that he was passed out along the side of the highway. Me and my friend drove all the way to chamberlain looking for him, the whole way sick with the senarious we had created as to what had happened. Going over Buffalo Pound was the hardest, imagining him going off the side into the water… This friend drives fast normally, but deciding to drive fast, drunk, on a very windy night was so incredibly stupid. I wanted to see his car parked on the side of the road so much i was sick from worry. Not only was i scared of what happened to my friend, i was really worried he would be the car coming towards us, trying to drive back to moose jaw, and he would lose control and hit us. I wasn’t driving, one of my friends was, and in the end we couldnt find him and she took me and my one friend home because she didn’t really want to waste the gas trying (that sounds harsh and i’m a little bitter about it, but me and my friend chelsea wanted to find him because we were the ones that knew him, and we would have stayed out all night to find any one of our friends…) I tried calling him and he wouldnt answer, so i was pretty worried. At home i kept on getting mad at myself because i could have been at that party and prevented him from driving. It is still hard to believe that his friends would let him get behind the wheel and drive. In the morning i got a text saying he was ok, and i wasn’t as worried. I found out later that day that he woke up around 3, sleeping outside his car, his keys in the ditch… outside of tuxford. He phoned and said he was in turtleford and he was on his way home…

In the first case it was a friend who was driving… a friend who, under the influence, decided to risk his life and the life of his best friend… and the consequence was fatal. I cant even imagine how i would feel if i ever harmed my friend, from doing something that was completely avoidable… i would probably never drink or drive again, let alone together. It is hard to believe that a friend would risk your life… and lately i have found that teenagers dont all take drinking and driving as seriously as i do. You would think when members of the community have been so affected by drinking and driving they would learn a lesson from it. I have a friend who has thought it was ok to drive me home while drunk before, without me really realizing it, and i will never let it happen again. I have never been more mad in my life, because i trusted my friend with my life driving me home, and she took advantage of that. Recently she planned on driving a bit out of town and then drinking and driving us back. . . and luckily i had not been drinking so i could drive everyone. I was very mad at that friend, as it has not been the first time and she really doesn’t see it as a big deal. I am trying to make her realize how serious it is, but i wonder if she, like many many people, ever will.

The friend that lost his scholarship still drinks and drives. After such a life altering mistake, he still hasn’t learned his lesson. I have come to the point where i wont talk to him when he is drunk because i just can’t handle worrying about if he will get home from the bar or not… Which leads to the bars. So many people just drive home from the bar, instead of calling a taxi… a small price to pay to save your life. I will not drive around when the bars are closing… so i always try to get myself home around one thirty, when i’m in moose jaw.

Deaths from drinking and driving are almost completely avoidable. When you get hit by a drunk driver it is the most terrible thing… because what can you do right? I have never drank and drove… and i dont plan on ever doing it. The best situation you can have when you are drinking and driving is a DUI… the other option is an accident. That is, of course, if you are lucky enough to have nothing happen… EVERY time you decide to get behind the wheel drunk you are risking your own life, the life of those your driving, and the lifes of all those around you… is it really worth it?