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192 Times

4 Dec

I dont know if anyone else has seen this commercial, but it is easily top ten favorite commercials, maybe even top five.  I always pay attention to commercials, they really interest me, if they are effective or not… and my favorite ones are the ones that have  a good message.  Of course I love the coors commercial where the mountains turn blue, but the one i think about a lot lately is a Never Stop Milk commercial.

They always have really good messages and the classic “always grow, grow all ways” saying is very well known.  Right now the commercials are really awesome… but my favorite is the one about baseball!  I absolutey love baseball, so of course it hits a soft spot when i watch it… but the message is amazing.  This commercial is about a baseball player, he has struck out 192 times… and in the end he leads the team and sets a record in home runs.  The message is to step up to the plate.  The writing displayed on the commercial is:::: the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.  It is such a strong message it gives me goose bumps every time i watch it.

I couldnt find the video on youtube, but I did find one that includes the baseball (this one reaches to more interests but I dont enjoy it as much as the one just about baseball)

haha i probably seem so dorky getting goose bumps from a milk commercial but I always do… whatever I am doing I always stop when I see that commercial come on.  This would probably be a cool type of video for a class to make… maybe would take  a lot of work but would be amazing!


OH by the way… in EPS class I was clever and changed it to….

Always Learn… Learn All Ways.