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Doing What’s Right vs. Getting My Way

18 Nov

Recently I had been faced with a problem: voice my opinion and be shut down, or not voice my opinion and be a part of an organization who did something wrong. For the last month I have been contemplating this issue, and I previously wrote a blog post about this.

This week we had yet another meeting, and the topic came up, and for the first time I truly voiced my opinion. I wanted to make everyone within the organization aware of the situation, and make sure that everyone felt the same way about what was going on. It was very difficult for me, as I felt like I was constantly butting heads with everyone else, and when I finally got to speak I found that people actually were listening. I asked questions, and got answers, and collectively we came to an agreement that an apology needed to be sent out.

This morning I received an apology email to my phone, an apology to the entire Faculty of Education students. The apology that I, with the help of one other ESS member, wrote.

I had a strong sense of pride, that something I continuously worked hard for finally had pay off. I had an opinion, and when I voiced it people listened and acted upon that. When the email finally came to my phone, I finally felt good about the situation.

Previous to this I felt completely awful.

I felt, and still do feel, that I was acting in a mean way, and bullied my way to get what I wanted. I say this because during our meeting I was told that it was me against the rest of the organization and I would constantly bring it up until I got my way. This is the case, but it also is not. If there was need to bring it up again, I would. The reason I brought it up this week was that there was another email from a concerned education student who was upset about the CFS vote no email. Obviously some form of action needed to be taken.

I feel that a lot of the people who voted to send out the apology only did so because they wanted this situation to go away. Although I do believe that now that the apology has been sent there will be no more concerns, but I also believe that it isn’t fair for people to vote in a way that they don’t agree with just to satisfy my wants. The biggest concern I have with this situation is that no one cares enough to form their own opinion. They don’t understand why it is offensive, and they don’t understand how it upset people.

“I should be happy I got my way” …

The worst statement I could ever hear, which reduces what I have done to be just as bad as the original email sent out. I feel absolutely horrible, although I do believe the right thing happened. I can’t tell if people are just upset that things didn’t go their way and are taking it out on me, or if what I wanted wasn’t really the right thing.

It’s a dilemma I think about often, but obviously something I must put behind me. Things like this happen all the time in life, and I’m glad that I had the courage to voice my opinions and got the apology sent out. I changed something, and I got the right thing to happen.

But who am I to say that my opinion is right?