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Final Project

4 Dec

Ok So I finished my final project.


This wasn’t the most challenging task for me, but very time consuming.  The hardest part of the assignment I made for myself was finding a way to create a digital portfolio, and when I blogged about my project the first time I was given many examples.  I was going to make a portfolio for each different approach posted on my blog, until I realized how long it was going to take me to transfer all of my portfolio to an online one. 

I decided to use the web host wetpaint, which is a wiki space.  I liked the format of the site as well as the Example given by Al Tucker. From this I saw what the portfolio looked like and decided it was an organized online way for me to put my information up. The next challenge… transferring it online.

This seemed a lot easier in my head, until I realized I had to incorporate all of the writing I used for EPS, which was required in my portfolio, as well as anything that I couldn’t just copy and paste in. This is when i started scanning. I scanned for probably an hour, just getting my hard copy documents onto my computer. Then i had to upload them and OH NO they are too big to upload on the site. So instead of wasting my time resizing them all and resaving them I decided to host them on a different site and just link them to my wetpaint site. SOOOOOOO i started uploading on Flickr… and when i over used my space for uploading in one month i started using Photobucket. This uploading took soooooo long but then all i had to do was put the picture into my portfolio. The website was extremely easy to use. I never had to work with html, so not really challenging. All i had to do was set up all my pages the transfer the information onto it.

I found that my portfolio is very convient to us on a website. It would have been so much easier if I originally put it on a website instead of having a hard copy version then transferring it to a website. I think that as i continue my education I will continue updating this site, and maybe one day portfolios will all be online or digital and I will be one step ahead:)